3 Tips To Prepare For A Petroleum Compliance Service Inspection

If you are planning on working with a petroleum compliance service sometime soon, then you are probably making the right decision for your oil and gas business. After all, this is a good way to ensure that your business is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. If your inspection is coming up soon, you could be wondering what you can do to prepare for this inspection. Fortunately, if you take the three steps below, you should not have a problem getting prepared for this appointment.

1. Check Everything Over Yourself

Although the whole point of your upcoming appointment might be so that you can have a regulatory-related inspection done on your equipment, this does not mean that you should not perform an inspection of your own. If you take the time to carefully check over all of your equipment, pipelines, and more, then you can hopefully catch any issues that might be present before your appointment. Then, you may be able to take care of these problems before the inspector gets there so that your business can perform better during the inspection.

2. Clean Up Your Work Site

Additionally, you and your crew should take the time to clean up your worksite before your upcoming inspection. It is important to have a clean worksite anyway for safety reasons, but it is probably also very important to you to ensure that your worksite looks good for the inspector. Removing equipment that isn't in use, straightening up materials, and otherwise cleaning up the worksite can go a long way toward making your business look good on inspection day, and it can benefit you and your employees well beyond the inspection as well.

3. Gather Up Documentation

You probably have a lot of documentation on file in regards to your oil and gas business. You might have paperwork from when you have had previous inspections done or when you have taken care of maintenance and repairs, for example. Go ahead and gather up all of this documentation now, then present it to the inspector who comes out to check things around your work site. They can use this information to get a better understanding of the condition of your equipment and worksite and to determine what does and does not need to be done so that you can operate a business that is safe and compliant.

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