3 Things To Consider When Choosing New Furniture For Your Medical Office

Are you looking to outfit your medical office with new furniture? Here are a few things to consider when you start the shopping process.


One important consideration to make when choosing new furniture to put in your medical office is overall functionality. Even your office assistant will likely spend a lot of her time moving around to do things like help patients and access filing cabinets.

But they need a comfortable chair and desk to work at when they are inputting patient information in the computer and handling their paperwork for the day. So, make sure that the work centers you create for administration team include chairs with rolling wheels on them and desks with adjustable height functionality so they can easily get our of and in to their work stations when they need to.

And instead of choosing desks with chairs for your nurses to use when filling out paperwork and handling patient charts, install tall tables against the wall where nurses can simply stand to do their work and move on. You'll save space and provide the functionality they need to ensure optimal attention to detail and enhanced overall performance.


Safety is also an important consideration to make when choosing new office furniture for your medical practice to utilize. Desks, shelves, and chairs that feature sharp corners can injure your employees and your patients as they navigate through your office building over time. Plastic chairs can crack and pinch patients and employees when they sit down. They can also break, and small pieces of plastic can end up on the floor where they'll hurt someone.

So, stay away from plastic furnishings and choose pieces that feature rounded or at least slightly curved corners and edges for added safety around the office. And avoid glass if possible so you don't end up with a shatter table that becomes dangerous.


If the office furniture you choose to invest in requires a lot of maintenance that you can't keep up with, you'll likely end up with shabby looking furnishings that need to be replaced a lot sooner than you'd prefer. If you choose furnishings with material surfaces, make sure the material can be spot cleaned when spilled on so you don't have to hire a professional steam cleaning team.

Make sure no pieces require the use of special products to keep them looking nice, or you'll likely spend more time on upkeep than you want to. Furnishings should feature smooth surfaces that can easily be cleaned with disinfectant or stain resistant materials that can be safely washed clean with a simple combination of soap and water. For more information, contact a commercial office furniture store near you.