A Look At The Three Main Types Of Garage Floor Coatings And The Pros And Cons Of Each

Picking a floor coating for your garage can involve some forethought. Multiple choices for garage floor coatings exist. Take a look at three of the most popular coatings and their pros and cons to help you decide what your garage needs. 

Garage Floor Paint

Many garage floors get painted initially because this is the easiest way to add a different color to the floor. The paint used on garage floors should be specifically formulated for the purpose. Ordinary paint will not adhere properly and can break down far too easy to be used in a garage. 


  • The least expensive of all three options 
  • Gives you the ability to change the look of the floor 
  • Goes in place quickly; dries quickly  


  • Can wear away with heavy foot or vehicle traffic 
  • Does not offer much protection for the concrete floor
  • Does not offer shock absorbency 

Garage Floor Mat

Garage floor mats are specifically manufactured mats made out of rubber and other materials that you either lay atop the surface of the floor or glue down to the floor. The mats can range in thicknesses and have a multitude of different looks to choose from. 


  • Doesn't necessarily have to be professionally installed 
  • Can be removed or replaced as needed 
  • Allows for interesting floor styles 


  • Garage floor mats can wear out quickly and have to be replaced 
  • Fluids can get trapped under the mats 
  • Some mats are not all that puncture-resistant 

Garage Floor Epoxy

Perhaps the most desirable type of garage floor coating is epoxy. Epoxy floor coatings are sprayed or rolled in place, can be textured and rather thick, and will last a really long time once they have properly cured. Professionally installed epoxy floor coatings are really popular in commercial garages because of their ability to add texture to the floor for safety purposes, but the finish is also attractive and resilient. 


  • Adheres directly to the surface concrete of the garage floor 
  • Offers a long-lasting finish that will stand up to a lot of rigor 
  • Does not shift or move over time 


  • Must be professionally installed for the best results 
  • Cannot be removed once it is installed 
  • Can be more expensive than paint 

Overall, choosing a garage floor coating should involve a look at your budget and your needs. Reach out to a garage floor coating service to find out more about the different options you have and what will work the best.