Keep Your ‘Home On Wheels’ Sanitized And Fresh

Downsizing and choosing to live the rest of your life in a recreational vehicle is a big change from what you may be accustomed to. Getting rid of clutter and not being responsible for high household bills can be freeing. With your change in living styles, you may discover that you are going to need to clean your RV frequently. A smaller space and having your home on wheels subjected to road dust, the elements, and bug droppings will require your attention in order to keep your new home in pristine condition.

Traveling/Living Lightly Is What It's All About

Some people use their recreational vehicles predominantly for traveling in the summer, but there are a lot of people who also choose to move into an RV, either by choice or because their finances are tight and they think that it would be more economical to live in a smaller residence. If you are going to be parking your RV at a public campground, you don't want your residence to look offensive to your neighbors.

Purchase a cleaning spray that contains light, fragrant ingredients and that is designed to remove a variety of substances from an RV's exterior. Use this product to freshen up your home's exterior whenever necessary. Use a squeegee and a glass-cleaning spray, and a microfiber cloth and an all-purpose spray to clean the RV's body, trim, wheels, and rims.

Indoor Needs Can Be Handled With A Versatile Product

Because you are going to have limited storage space inside of your home, you probably won't want to go all-out and purchase a range of separate cleaners for the RV's interior. With an all-purpose spray, you can handle both indoor and outdoor cleaning needs. If you purchase a product that is concentrated, you will do really well on saving space. Purchase a bucket that can be used to prepare the cleaning mixture.

Simply add the required amount of the cleanser to the bucket, and add the appropriate amount of water. After combining the RV cleanser and water, fill a spray bottle with the contents, or dip a mop directly into the bucket. Store the bucket, RV cleaning spray, and accessories in a built-in cabinet or under a shelving unit or table that is inside of your RV. Get into the habit of cleaning your RV weekly. If you decide to drive your RV during a road trip, clean the vehicle as soon as you return to your home base.