3 Great Advantages Of A Rotary Die Cutter

Be it thin metal, rubber, plastic, or paper, there are a range of low-strength materials that you may want to employ for the purposes of packaging equipment and design. The trick then, especially if you require these materials for high-volume projects, becomes finding a reliable method for producing uniform cuts and parts that doesn't take up too much time. This is where rotary die cutters come in. These machines are perfect for cutting through a number of materials and producing identical final cuts that can be used on packaging. Keep reading below for three of the biggest advantages of using them for your business.

Less Waste

The amount of time saved when using a die cutter might be obvious to most, but maybe less so is the sheer amount of materials and money saved as well. Using die cutters allows manufacturers to recycle whatever material they have chosen to use—anything from cloth to leather to thin adhesives—and maximize further usage. Without a die cutter's ability to make repeated precise cuts, most companies are resigned to the idea of throwing out leftover materials and simply taking a loss.


The image of a rotary die cutter might only call to mind giant factories with heavy machinery, but the truth is that die cutters have a place in a surprisingly large range of industries. A graphics business can no doubt benefit from a die cutter used to showcase a variety of applications for their designs, as might a small stationery store. On the other end of the spectrum, wood and metalworkers can take advantage of specialized cutting techniques such as dinking to enhance their designs as well. Whatever your trade is, chances are that a die cutter can make daily work tasks that much easier.

Technological Advances

One could be forgiven for thinking that however reliable it is, a die cutter is a machine stuck in the past, unable to deal with some of the more technologically demanding tasks modern companies might ask of it. But new developments in digital die cutting—accompanied by seamless, intuitive software—mean that rotary die cutters are more capable than ever. Not only that, but advances in technology also mean they are more accessible to the average manufacturer, such as small businesses working on specialized low-volume projects. The number of ways a die cutter can work for you is virtually limitless. 

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