Services to Consider for Your Long Distance Move

When you start planning your long-distance move, you may be looking at basic service options. These options generally include the move itself and possibly some packing materials. What you may not consider are the many services that can make your move easier and can also make it quicker. Here are a few of those services offered by long-distance movers and how they can benefit your overall long-distance move.

All-Inclusive Services

You may know that you can hire movers to handle packing and moving. What you may not know is that the same long-distance movers can also offer all-inclusive services. These services include packing, unpacking, cleaning, and setup at your new residence. Keep in mind that all-inclusive services may be offered through the moving company with a bundled price for the services you choose. However, the services may be offered through various third parties that work directly with the movers and moving service. The benefit of all-inclusive long-distance movers is that you will not have to handle many of the aspects of the move yourself, which can free up time for other processes of the move.

Pod Services

Pod services are an aspect of long-distance moves that many people are still unaware of. The pod service uses a storage pod that can be delivered directly to your home. You can fill the pod with your items, lock it, and have the pod transported to the new home. When you use long-distance movers you can choose options such as having the movers pack and load the pod for you as well as unpack the items from the pod once it has been delivered.

Storage Options

There are times when you may not have the room for all your items at the new location. This can be due to miscalculating the space amount or to other issues. When this happens, you need to go through the items you have to determine what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. This can mean keeping the items in storage until you have the time to sort through them. Some long-distance movers will offer storage options as a service to you to help with this aspect of the move. When this is offered, you may find that the service is for moving the items into storage or you may be offered the option of a storage pod that can be used at your home and sent to the self-storage facility. 

When you are ready to order your moving services, contact your local long-distance movers. They can help you with the move, services that are available, and with any questions. They can also suggest options that are unique to their company and explain how those services may help you.