Catch Customers’ Attention With One Of These Sign Shapes For Your Coffee Shop

If you operate a local, independent coffee shop, you're likely well aware that many people instinctively look for chain shops when they're eager for some caffeine. This can often mean that you need to turn to competitive pricing or catchy social media campaigns to draw people to your business. Another tactic that can be effective is to have impactful signage outside of your shop. Often, the shape of your exterior sign will be the first thing that people notice. If the shape helps to tell the story of what you sell, you may find that more coffee-craving patrons are walking through your front door. Consider the following shapes for your coffee shop's sign.

Coffee Cup

One of the best shapes to consider for your coffee shop sign is a coffee cup. This is a shape that people immediately equate with a hot cup of coffee, which means that if someone is even partially thinking about buying a coffee, he or she may notice your sign shape and pay you a visit. There are different cup shapes to consider. For example, if you have a large sit-down area in your shop, a traditional china cup shape can be appropriate. If the majority of your customers take their coffee to go, consider a paper cup shape.

Coffee Bean

Most coffee aficionados recognize the shape of a coffee bean, which can make it a worthwhile as a shape for your shop's sign. This is especially true if you choose brown as a dominant sign color, given that coffee beans are this color. Because actual coffee beans are just a fraction of an inch in size, the visual impact of a large sign fashioned after a coffee bean can be significant when people see it.

Espresso Maker

Most coffee shops sell more than just conventional coffee. If you have espresso on your menu and find that it's a favorite among your regular patrons, you may wish to incorporate this idea into your sign. The obvious choice is to design your sign to be the shape of a vintage espresso maker. It's a shape that many people will quickly recognize, and it may send a message that you sell a variety of coffee-related products.

Once you've decided on a shape for your sign, contact a custom sign manufacturer in your community to discuss turning your ideas into a product that you'll be able to hang outside of your coffee shop.