Common Garbage Management Mistakes Homeowners Make

Mistakes with garbage management and disposal are problematic for homeowners. From not separating the trash to not disposing of it properly, these mistakes can lead to an accumulation of garbage in the home that may attract pests and cause unpleasant odors. 

Mistake: Not Using Garbage Bags

Not using garbage bags is a common mistake that homeowners make. When thrown directly into the bin, garbage can leave residue and stains that accumulate over time. This can cause a buildup of bacteria that cause foul odors. These odors could attract pests to the area.

When choosing garbage bags, opting for high-quality bags can be worth the additional cost. These bags will be less prone to tearing, which could spare you from substantial cleaning in the future.

Mistake: Not Cleaning The Garbage Bins

Another mistake that homeowners make is not cleaning their garbage bins. Garbage bins can accumulate dirt and bacteria over time, leading to unpleasant odors and attracting pests.

It is crucial to sterilize and clean the trash can to avoid this issue. You may clean the trash can and eliminate unpleasant scents with water and vinegar. Further, ensure the garbage bin is completely dry before lining it with a new garbage bag. This will prevent moisture from accumulating in the bin, which can cause the bacteria to resume multiplying.

Mistake: Not Securing The Garbage Bin Lid

Leaving the garbage bin lid open is another mistake that homeowners make. This can attract stray animals and pets, who may rummage through the garbage and make a mess. If you have pets or live in an area with many stray animals, consider getting a lock for the garbage bin lid. This simple step will prevent animals from getting into the bin and making a mess. Ideally, you want a combination lock for your garbage bin. This style of lock avoids the risk of losing a key and being unable to open the lid.

Mistake: Overfilling The Garbage Bin

Overfilling the garbage bin is an issue homeowners can encounter. When you overload the garbage bin, it can make a mess and prevent the garbage from being collected. If you frequently have more trash than the bin can handle, consider getting a larger bin or scheduling more frequent garbage collections. Scheduling these pickups or getting a larger bin can avoid a situation where your trash can not be collected due to exceeding the bin's capacity. This could lead to a significant delay before your trash is collected and may require you to remove some items from the garbage bin.

Contact a local garbage removal service to learn more.